Can I use 10 Minute Accounts in my country

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10 Minute Accounts is primarily aimed at users in the UK, but you can use 10 Minute Accounts wherever you are.

Please confirm your local settings during initial setup – or email support – to make the change. This will ensure that 10 Minute Accounts is tailored to match your locality – in the USA, for example, your figures will be presented in US Dollars.

The UK tax year runs from April to April each year, so if you are based outside the UK, please also ensure that the date your start date is correct, in Settings > Your Business > Date. This will ensure that the figures are correct for your tax year. You can contact support to make this change if needed.

If you are outside the UK, please note that some features – such as submission of returns to the tax authorities – will not be available. You would normally need to use 10 Minute Accounts to do your bookkeeping, and file a return to your local tax authorities in the format they require, whether paper or online.

The figures provided by 10 Minute Accounts are on a cash basis. For more information on cash basis accounting please see: