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First steps – getting set up

When you first start using 10 Minute Accounts, there are a few steps you’ll need to take to get the system working as you need it.


Step 1: Integrate with PayPal

If you sell using PayPal, the first thing you’ll want to do is Integrate with PayPal. This will mean the system can start to syncing your transactions while you set up the rest of the system.

Click here to see how to integrate with PayPal


Step 2: Set up a Bank Account

Most businesses will also have a standard Bank Account, and you can import transactions from here too. 10 Minute Accounts doesn’t need any actual bank details to do this – you’ll import your transactions by importing a CSV statement, which you can download from your online banking.

Click here to see how to configure a Bank Account


Step 3: Import your Transactions

Your PayPal transactions will automatically sync, but transactions from other sources will need to be imported manually. You can import transactions from all kinds of sources, including Amazon and your bank account.

Most banks will offer statements in QIF or CSV format, while Amazon and most online payment processors offer a CSV statement of your transactions. You can then import transactions via Transactions > Import.

Click here to see how to Import your Transactions