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Troubleshooting PayPal integration

If you are not able to sync your transactions with PayPal, please try the following solutions:

I get the message 'Authentication / Authorisation failed'

To sync your transactions with PayPal, you will need to authorise the 10MinuteAccounts app from within your PayPal account.

The instructions to do this are found here.

The main reason you would get this message is if you haven’t yet authorised 10MinuteAccounts, or you entered incorrect configuration settings.

If you are sure you’ve correctly configured your account, but still get this message, please Contact Support for assistance

Some transactions are missing

If you are missing transactions, please check the following:

  1. Open Bank Accounts > [Your PayPal Account], and check the Start Date is as far back as you need
  2. Click Sync Now to re-check and resync all transactions

Note: the Sync Now will automatically recheck and resync all transactions. So if you’ve deleted transactions that are present in your PayPal account, these will be re-added as part of the full resync.

My PayPal Balance is incorrect

If you have multiple PayPal balances, they should all be correctly displayed if you go to Bank Accounts > [Edit PayPal Account]

If there are discrepencies, please click Sync Now to make PayPal re-sync. The primary balance displayed in your 10 Minute Accounts software will match your primary currency, so if you’re based in the USA for example, the primary balance you’ll see will be US Dollars. But all other balances should be displayed too – if not please Contact Support